"20-20" balanced scorecard software

20-20 balanced scorecard software

The balanced scorecard with "20-20"

"20-20" balanced scorecard software provides a well-structured approach to implementing your balanced scorecard. A business scorecard is great for  managing the performance of HR, finances, technology  etc to ensure that your organization stays on course to deliver the desired outcome in the future. Any business needs to plan for long term survival and profitability which often involves changes now for future benefits. How well the change is managed and  the assets leveraged will to a large extent determine the outcome i.e. performance management is critical for success. Balanced scorecard software is an ideal tool for monitoring and controlling performance during the transition.


The steps in the change process start with a decision on strategy. Often the changes necessary affect all aspects of the business and the whole entity needs to work in unison towards the goals. The different business aspects will either drive the change or benefit from it.  e.g. upgrading the technology to streamline the online ordering process will  drive improvements in efficiency of the ordering department and controlling that customers get what they ordered on time and in full which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately better financial outcomes.

Within the strategy there will be scorecard objectives relevant to the different business aspects also known as score card perspectives. The software assists with determining the objectives of the strategies and the measurements used to determine their progress.


"20-20" Balanced scorecard software provides a structured approach to evaluating the achievements of the organization, its employees, its departments and its sectors. It monitors implementation of strategies. It measures the impact of strategies on the key perspectives common to any business, as well as perspectives particular to the organization. It manages and controls strategies that apply to the current activities of the business as well as planned future activities.


Use "20-20" Balanced scorecard to help focus on the correct markets, customers, services, products, internal processes and capabilities i.e. for a better appreciation of your direction. Use it to plan improvements in the capabilities and skills of your business to achieve the desired financial and customer outcomes.


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