ABC Focus activity based costing software

Know your real costs and price accordingly

Activity based costing gives you a competitive pricing advantage based on real costs rather than "guestimates".

ABC Focus activity based costing software  

What is ABC Focus?

Planning to achieve satisfactory margins and satisfied customers requires a good understanding of the underlying costs. ABC Focus provides a structured approach to cost products, services, processes, activities and unused capacity. It provides a platform on which to confidently adjust pricing and activities for competitive advantage. A realistic estimate of the cost of products, services, customers and unused capacity is vital to successful business performance.


"ABC Focus is a tool which makes Activity based costing concepts simple to understand and use. It is a very attractive package because its flexible costing model, consolidated reporting and a very competitive pricing regime make it suitable for large and small business in virtually any industry."



ABC Focus costs products manufactured, good bought in and sold, services provided, customers, processes, markets; in fact any aspect of the business or organization. It analyses both direct and indirect costs and guides you through the costing and margin evaluation process. Costs are assigned to products based on their usage of materials, expenses, facilities and people.


By using ABC Focus an organisation will have a better appreciation of its costs and activities. The program acts as a guide through the analysis process and assists with the management of costs and activities. The program can identify value-adding (and value-destroying) activities and products. It aids with cost management and control.


ABC Focus analyses both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include direct labour, materials and expenses and these are assigned directly to the products and services, or cost objects, which consume them. Indirect costs (sometimes called “overheads”) include service-related costs such as administration, computer and personnel department, customer related costs such as the sales department, maintenance and deliveries, etc. The program refers to these activities as activity cost pools. In smaller organisations one or two people may carry out the activities; in large organisations there may be several departments or divisions that are responsible for services. Proper costing and cost management requires that the cost pools or overheads be allocated in a meaningful way to the products or services (cost objects) of the organisation.


ABC Focus also provides a structured approach to re-engineering the activities carried out in the business: resource consumption should be minimised while outputs are maximised.


Why use ABC Focus?

Benefit now from activity based costing techniques with ABC Focus regardless of company size.


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