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What is Strategic Focus?

Strategic Focus - "The best product of its kind in the world"

Put your financials through Strategic Focus for a real understanding of where the profits and cash flow are, and to see if the profits and cash are being produced efficiently.

When the financials are entered, see how different strategies will impact on profits, cash and performance indicators. Determine the efficiency of a company's balance sheet now and after proposed strategies.

With Strategic Focus you can analyze financial results, the current financial performance and also evaluate alternative strategies for their impact on business value. Includes what-if analysis and business valuations based on free cash flow and economic value added.

The reports included cover all aspects of the financial analysis and valuation process. They include the Du Pont results before and after tax, as well as an economic value added / economic profit analysis. Business valuations are created automatically using both free cash flow and economic value added techniques. View the relationship of operational cash, free cash flow and net cash.

Strategic Focus provides management and advisors with an effective approach to financial analysis and business valuations. It is designed to guide you through the financial analysis and business valuation processes easily, professionally and accurately.

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