Cash Focus software

Visual Cash Focus budgeting software

Budgeting forecasting and management reporting

Looking for a professional budgeting solution to make budget creation and management reporting easier, quicker and more accurate? Budgeting and Forecasting, Consolidation, Actuals, What-if Analysis and Management Reporting all in 1 place!

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Strategic Focus financial analysis software

Business valuations and financial analysis

Determine the efficiency of a company's balance sheet using DuPont financial analysis techniques,  Economic Value Added (EVA) and  Free Cash Flow analysis. An invaluable asset for strategic planning and value based management

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ABC Focus activity based costing software

Activity based costing

Want a competitive pricing advantage?

Compete on pricing from a position of strength knowing  the real costs of your products, services, processes, activities and unused capacity.

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20-20 balanced scorecard software

Balanced scorecard

How to introduce changes throughout your organization, to communicate strategies and objectives, delegate tasks and measure progress along the way with 20-20 balanced scorecard.