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Budgeting and Forecasting Software to integrate Planning, Budgeting, Re-forecasting and Management Reporting


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Visual Cash Focus budgeting software



What is Visual Cash Focus budgeting software?

Wouldn't life be simple if budgeting and forecasting followed the same accounting formats as historical financial data so that the budget process and preparing future financial projections was as comfortable and familiar as financial accounting and auditing. Most of us write up the general ledger during the year to record what has happened in the past. Visual Cash Focus budgeting software goes the next step and writes it up in advance.

This unique system for budgeting, cash flow and budget variance reporting uses genuine traditional double entry accounting. Each budgeted financial event has a journal and general ledger entry as though the event actually occurs just as it does for historical financials.


Visual Cash Focus simulates the trading of your business

This software simulates the trading of your business. You supply the starting balance sheet and an estimate of revenue, cost of sales, expenses, other income, tax and dividends if applicable.
You can also supply: fixed asset schedules, overdraft arrangements, lease and hire purchase payments, long term loans and inventory requirements.

Visual Cash Focus uses your information to predict the expected cash flow, net income/ profit, bank balance, accounts receivable and payable, inventory levels, balance sheet, income statement / profit and loss account and financial ratios at the end of each period.

The accounting methods used to analyze a company's performance on an historical basis are available to analyze future performance. You can view the general ledger for any account and see the transactions that comprise the result. Budgets can be created, managed and reported by profit centers within organizations. Reports include budgeted cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss), source and application of funds, ratios and graphs and variances.

There is nothing new to learn, you know it all already, and as following audit trails is second nature to you finding the source of discrepancies is quick and easy.


Good reasons for using Visual Cash Focus

There are many good reasons for using Visual Cash Focus for budgeting and forecasting. The software is simple, easy, accurate and fast and removes the potential for errors inherent in spreadsheet budgeting solutions. Unlike spreadsheet-based systems, the accuracy and integrity of Visual Cash Focus results is never in doubt. Calculations are done automatically. Standard double entry accounting ensures quick and simple auditing. Whether the model originator is still a staff member is irrelevant. Creating formulas or macros is obsolete as is the need for data entry duplication and resolving mystery links issues.

There are different editions of the software. Which best suits your needs can be established by matching Visual Cash Focus features with your requirements. Every version provides all your Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation Actuals, What-if Analysis and Management Reporting all in one place.>

Our Clients include businesses across a wide range of industries as well as major corporations, government and accountants.

"My firm has been a global user of Cash Focus for a number of years. It is a unique piece of software to use in the complex area of cash flow management and provides a perfect closed loop going from P&L to Balance Sheet and Cash flow with relative ease; and the after sales service is second to none." - Jim Chitsos, International Accounting Manager, NUFARM