VCF Slideshow

This slideshow highlights some of the major features of Visual Cash Focus business budget software. The slides will advance automatically but you can click on any slide to learn more about the topic.

This is software catering for professional budgets and cash flow forecasts of the highest quality and integrity of results.

There is enormous flexibility in the level of detail for data input depending on the results required. With this software  budgets can be created with:

  • independent departmental budgets
  • multi currencies
  • multiple budget periods
  • multiple levels in budget chart of accounts.
  • different cash flow assumptions per period per account
  • non financial items in budget
  • manufactured items in budget

Results are available in graphs too for visual presentation. The genuine double entry accounting audit trails special to this software ensures that any budget amount can be traced anywhere along its path.

Being able to track the relationship between profit/loss and cash flow is another distinctive feature of this budget sofware